natural liqueurs for sweet or savoury

Liqueurs are very versatile as food ingredients, and the perfect compliment to a variety of dishes, whether sweet (e.g. cakes & desserts, conserves, chocolates and cream applications), or savoury (e.g. grilled meats, seafood, poultry or game), whatever the season.

A liqueur is a spirit drink of agricultural origin, with a minimum added sugar content of 100g per litre (expressed as invert sugar). The spirit itself may be a pure distillate of a fruit, grain or vegetable source; or a neutral ethyl alcohol which has been flavoured and/or coloured with products of agricultural origin (e.g. fruit extracts, wine, cream).

All of our liqueurs use only natural ingredients and are produced by traditional methods, achieving the best possible combination of ‘clean’ label and provenance. A delicious compliment to many products that will no doubt provide satisfaction and enjoyment.


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